Kaleidoscope: A Night of Music

  • Event:

    Kaleidoscope: A Night of Music

  • Date:

    July 4, 2012 08:30 pm

  • Updated:

    June 23, 2012

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  • Venue:

    Odessa Club

  • Address:

    13 Dame Court, Dublin, D2, Ireland

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This July join us at Kaleidoscope as we celebrate the delights of summer with another incredible night of music at the Odessa Club, Dublin.

What better way to open the night than with a performance of J.S. Bach’s wonderful “Violin Sonata in G, BWV 1021” by two of Kaleidoscope Night’s regular guests, Anita Vedres (violin) and Malachy Robinson (double bass). Following this we welcome Elizabeth Cooney, one of Ireland’s foremost solo violinists and the National Concert Hall 2006 ”Rising Star”. Elizabeth will entice us with Eugene Ysaye’s “L’Aurore from Sonata no.5 in G major, Op.27 for Solo Violin” and acclaimed Irish composer Greg Caffrey’s “Vigour, Rigour, Jigger for Solo Violin”, a piece which she commissioned. Just before the interval, prepare to have your musical boundaries expanded with “DOOR”. Composer George Higgs has created a door equipped with a variety of musical devices for Seán Carpio and Kate Ellis to perform a composition. The musicians stand at either side, using the barrier to communicate with each other through powerful rhythms, melody and harmony.

We begin the second part of the evening with a performance by the unique duo of Elizabeth Cooney (violin) and Redmond O’Toole (8-string guitar). The Irish Examiner said of them, ‘Perfect music for a summer evening was what these gifted artists, one a violinist, the other a guitarist, provided …” Elizabeth and Redmond will perform Mauro Giuliani’s “Duo Concertante, Op.25 for Violin and Guitar” and Nicolo Paganini’s “Sonata in D major for Violin and Guitar”. To follow, Dermot Dunne, one of Europe’s most renowned accordionists, is sure to bring some passion to the evening with his rendition of “La Campenella” by Liszt /Paganini and Erkki Jokinen’s “Alone”. To finish, we are delighted to welcome the acclaimed H2 Saxophone Quartet. Named “an ensemble to watch for years to come” and described as “A tight group… [h2 is] just as at home in the sensitive and atmospheric and the high-flying virtuoso finish” by the American Record Guide, the quartet will be performing “Retina” by Jesse Ronneau  and “Microfluctuations in Plainchant”by Daniel Wohl.

Kaleidoscope Night is funded by the Arts Council.


Anita Vedres (violin) and Malachy Robinson (double bass)J.S. Bach: Violin sonata in G, BWV 1021 (Adagio-Vivace-Largo-Presto)

Elizabeth Cooney (violin)
Eugene Ysaye: L’Aurore from Sonata no.5 in G major, Op.27 for Solo Violin Greg Caffrey: Vigour, Rigour, Jigger  for Solo Violin

Sean Carpio, Kate Ellis (musical devices)
George Higgs: Door

Elizabeth Cooney (violin) and Redmond O’Toole (8-string guitar)
Mauro Giuliani: Duo Concertante, Op.25 for Violin and Guitar
Nicolo Paganini: Sonata in D major for Violin and Guitar

Dermot Dunne (accordion)
Franz Liszt / Nicolo Paganini: La Campenella
Erkki Jokinen: Alone

The H2 Quartet (saxophone quartet)
Jesse Ronneau: Retina
Daniel Wohl: Microfluctuations in Plainchant