Forza Italo with DAVID VUNK @ Odessa Club

  • Event:

    Forza Italo with DAVID VUNK @ Odessa Club

  • Date:

    August 12, 2012 01:30 pm

  • Updated:

    August 3, 2012

  • Cost:

    €5 & €7

  • Venue:

    Odessa Club

  • Address:

    13 Dame Court, Dublin, D2, Ireland

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Ciao! Ciao! Signore e signori, first of all a big grazie mille to everyone who made it down to the last Forza Italo. Even if the result did not go as planned the party afterwards certainly made up for it. This month we will be foregoing our usual date of the first Sunday of the month due to a wedding reception (we only play heartbreakers, we don’t play at breaking hearts), so our August soiree will be happening on the 12th with a banchetto of Dutch-infused Italian culture. Taking place once again up on the

Odessa penthouse terrazza, Forza Italo will be the place to be to schmooze and carouse this summer Sunday afternoon and evening away.

This party will see the welcoming of our first international guest to the Forza Italo giradischi. David Vunk, the Moustache Records maestro, jets in from the Netherlands to serve up a glittering selection of Italo Disco diamonds. Label-owner, DJ & producer, this Rotterdam renaissance man has been, along with the likes of Alden Tyrell, I-F and Fred Ventura, at the vanguard of the Italo resurgence across Europe. One of the hottest spinners around with regular appearances at venues such as Panorama Bar, Horse Meat Disco and Paradiso to name but a few, we are delighted to have him come to rock the Forza floor.

A decade before the Italo renaissance kick-started in the late 90s, three famous Dutchmen were intrinsic in bringing another pillar of Italian culture to the attention of the world. Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard helped to revolutionise calcio under the supreme guidance of Il Duce Arrigo Sacchi at AC Milan. This Italo-Dutch alliance are widely recognised as one of the finest European club sides of all time. To celebrate the majestic working-class ballet of their high back-line and intense pressing style, we’re going to screen a personal favourite from the Forza football library. The European Cup Semi-Final second leg match against Real Madrid, held at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, on the Rossoneri’s ultimately triumphant march towards European glory.

Travelling back a decade further, but staying with the theme, there could be only one choice for this month’s giallo movie. Dario Argento’s genre-defining Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) from 1975. Considered by many enthusiasts as not only Argento’s greatest genre entry, but possibly the ultimate example of this most lurid of Italian thrillers, Profondo Rosso is a masterpiece of giallo cinema. The plot contains all the tried and trusted elements that you could hope for, and of course the colour red is featured heavily throughout, from crimson drapes and filters through to the spurting gore (perhaps the perfect antidote to the unfortunately blue dominated Community Shield game earlier in the day). The camerawork is often stunning and the violence graphic and jolting. Plentiful use of landmark Turin locations and the pounding Goblin soundtrack only serve to underline that this is a landmark film in the giallo pantheon.

Joining Forza Italo residents, Stefano Crosserini and Sebastian Simonetti during the afternoon and into the evening we are delighted to welcome Andrea D’Olio of the familiare Lunare Discoteca. Andrea, the latter-day Lombardoni vinyl impresario has previously released Mr. Vunk on the Lunar Disko imprint in 2009 and we thought there no better signore to complete this extravaganza d’Italo totale.

Draught Stout/Ale/Beer @ €3.50
Menu di cocktail @ €5:
Classic Margarita
Long Island Ice Tea
Espresso Martini
Odessa Ginger Mojito
Sparkling Mojito
Elderflower and Apple Collins

David Vunk: http://www.davidvunk.nl/
Moustache Records: http://www.moustacherecords.com/

€5 Entrata Prima 7pm – €7 Dopo

Forza Italo!

Once again, grazie mille to Il Consigliore della Grafica, Manus Sweeney for all Forza visual propaganda.